Monday, December 7, 2009

December 5, 2009

Today I did some MAJOR house cleaning, and had Bayleigh go through some more of her clothing.  All the excitement, must have worn my little guy out.

I'm not sure which photo I like the best . . . his sweet sleeping little face . . .

Or his piggies.

After nap time he was rearing to go, when it came to going through all the shorts and capri pants.  Of course Bayleigh's capris fit him like long pants . . .

Not to mention the trying on of SHOES.  He clomped around in the sparkly little "ballerina" shoes all evening.  I only wish Bayleigh could have been this cooperative . . .  Aw well, we're ALMOST done going through all her clothes and I've already got a full garbage bag full of things she's outgrown this year.  WOW!  They grow so quickly!

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