Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13, 2010

Today I'm thankful for beautiful days and road trips.  Eli and I took a two hour road trip this morning to pick up my mom's little chicks at the hatchery.

I ended up buying two more, just because they were cute.

The hatchery was swamped and there were no parking places to be found, so I parked at a barber shop a block away.  There was some guy sitting in the barber shop parking lot screaming and cursing at someone on his cell phone.  (NICE!)  As I walked by his open window I looked him straight in the eyes and smiled.  He immediately looked uncomfortable and started speaking in a normal tone of voice.  It's funny what a smile can accomplish . . . or maybe it was just the direct eye contact that made him a little hot under the collar.   

I think some people should just be banned from public locations.  Better yet . . . ban ME from public locations and ship everything to my front door.  I could be perfectly content living in the back of beyond, just as long as I had unlimited wi-fi connection.  Oh yeah . . . and NO PHONES allowed.  I could live without phones.

We were just up from the train tracks, and it's always hard for me to pass up a photo of something like this so I'm throwing this one in.

We finally delivered the chicks to their new home and then headed home ourselves.  I spent my afternoon buried in laundry, but I think I'm almost caught up.  So much to do and so little time to squeeze it all in in a 24 hour period.

Eli fell asleep around 6:00 p.m. so I went ahead and fixed supper and woke him up at 7:00 p.m. in hopes that he'll go to bed before midnight.

This is my version of a chicken salad (and yes, there is actually some lettuce and stuff in there under all the chicken and croutons).

I had to pry Bayleigh away from her book, to eat supper.  I think it's so cute to see her so engrossed in a book.  I was the same way when I was a kid.

The first part of my day was wonderful.  No phone calls, no interruptions, Eli and I on the road, radio blaring and windows down.  I'm not sure what happened this afternoon, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings at all to flush all the telephones in the house.  I think I'm going to turn all the ring volumes off and start letting the answering machine pick up. There's just never a dull moment around here.  Of course, I probably wouldn't know what to do with myself if there were dull moments . . . but I wouldn't mind the opportunity to try! ;)

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