Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18, 2010

Today I'm thankful for friendships that time and distance can't erase.

My internal alarm woke me up at 5:00, but I made myself lay in bed until 6:00 this morning.  The first item of the day was to gather all my Sunday School materials together, get the kids and myself fed and bathed and off to church.

Eli spent the better portion of Sunday School playing with his Play Doh, and we had a really lovely service today.

On the way home I stopped in the middle of the highway, jumped out of the Jeep and took a few pictures of the "Indian Paintbrushes" that were growing along the side of the road.  (Yeah, I do things like that.)

When I dropped my mom off at her house, I noticed her Irises were coming up.  This particular one was a gorgeous multi-hued purple.

When I arrived home, Dave's parents were already set up in their R.V. waiting on us.  They played with the kids while I fixed lunch and then we all spent some time out in the garden, getting things ready to plant.

We use the composter to mix the fertilizer, and nutrients;

and Eli and Dave's dad took over the "bucket brigade",

while I snuck out to the field to take some photos.

Today's "Picture Spring" challenge was to take a photo of grass,

and I just couldn't narrow it down. 

The boys prepped the garden beds . . .

 and I went in to finish making a loaf of home made bread and some rolls.

ATTN:  JOANNE!  Here are a few kitty pics. 

I'll take some more for you tomorrow.  (And you can take more than one kitty if you'd like . . . just so the first one doesn't get lonely. lol)

After all the work in the garden, the kids were pooped.  I bathed them both, we had a huge dinner, and then grandma got them both settled into bed.

Tomorrow I'm going to have a lot of dishes to wash and I think Dave's folks are staying another night, so I may get them all caught back up next weekend sometime. lol


  1.'re a nut... One will be enough.... and Yes, more pictures PLEASE... MoJo won't know what to do with more than one kitten, and since it's HER pet...


  2. Wow! Eli is growing up very fast! Does that has to do with the fertilizers ;).

    Once again, amazing photos!