Friday, April 16, 2010

April 15, 2010

Today I'm thankful for inspiration and motivation!  (**THANKS MICKI!)

I managed to clean the majority of the house in a short period of time today.  Of course, as soon as I cleaned off the dining room table, Eli decided it was time to play games and brought out a various assortment of games and puzzles.  (I made him put each one up before he brought out another, though.)

He even helped me take out the trash.  Well . . . kind of.  I think he was more interested in riding the trash can lid than in taking out the trash.  I must say he's a pretty inventive kid.  I'd have never thought of this.  Of course it's probably because I know that my butt couldn't POSSIBLY fit in there in the first place.  But I may have to give it a try, just for fun.  Hope I don't get stuck . . . or break the lid!

In between all my cleaning, I played around with my camera catching up on some of my shots for the Picture Spring class.  (I'll post them on my other blog soon.)  And after Bayleigh got home from school, I gave her the little chore of washing the "snow" off of all the windows in the entry/dining room.  I mean it IS Spring now, so the snow has to go!

Dave actually had the evening off  (It's the first time we've all got to really see him since February.) and he put up Bayleigh's basketball goal.  (I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this, while she's away at school!)

She's really gotten quite good.  In a few years I'm going to have to work pretty hard to keep up with her, because I'm sure she's going to outgrow me very quickly.  

I loved playing basketball in high school and I'm glad to see that she's taking such an interest in it herself.

I'm trying to cut back on chocolate, but I'm sure chocolate isn't nearly as bad for you as a whole can of mixed nuts.  (And yes . . . I can eat the whole can in one sitting.)  All this exercise makes me hungry and I can eat 24/7, given the chance.  If I start moutain biking again this summer, I'm just going to have to hook myself up to an I.V. food supply.

We had another beautiful sunset, which I just can't seem to capture well enough to do it justice.  And the weather forecast is calling for rain.

So I snatched a few pictures of the dandelions by our deck, before they get beaten down by the rains.

We ate our first asparagus from the garden and it was WONDERFUL! I think I could eat it at every meal.  I love fun and productive days like this!

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  1. As I always said, you have some amazing kids and that's with thanks to the way you're bringing them up.

    I was shocked when you said snow, but thank God it was not real snow :).

    Eventually, we are now seeing lots of outdoor shots with much vivid colors and I'm loving them..