Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17, 2010

Today I'm thankful for sunny days and the great outdoors.  The kids actually let me sleep in until 7:00 this morning.  Man, that felt good! 

Eli and I played with the checkers, we all ate breakfast,  

and then we headed outside for some play time.

Butterball (I mean Bandit) practised his tree climbing skills,  

while I inhaled the sweet scent of lilacs,

and the kids played in the dirt.  (Bayleigh made a mountain, while Eli shoveled more dirt on the pile and one of the cats chimed in with his version of assistance.)  They were quite comical.

I spotted this teeny tiny flower in the middle of some leaves, and had to get a picture.

Then I played a little basketball . . .

checked on the garden (I LOVE asparagus!),

and admired the pretty flowers (weeds).

After our trip outdoors, a bath was in order and I spent the rest of the day cleaning house and editing photos.  I've GOT to learn to limit myself on the numbers of photos I take per day.  Editing is a nightmare, and it looks like another late night for me!


  1. Good job kids, you let mama sleep till 7am!

    By the way, where do you get all that energy from, you're always busy and still manage to take amazing photos.

    I'm jealous.

  2. I'm jealous of the photo's too, but I'm wondering.. all of that time outside, and no pictures of the kittens???? No fair.. LOL


  3. lol . . . M., I've found diligence is the key to all the energy. I make myself do a lot of things I'd rather not be doing, but then I reward myself with something fun. (Like photography.) But sometimes you have to have a little break from it all. ;) No need to be jealous, you take some absolutely stunning photos!

    And JoAnne . . . I'm posting more kitty pictures tonight! I'll get some better one's tomorrow.

  4. I think I'm loosing all my energy because I'm mostly at home doing nothing. I used to be full of energy and constantly busy. Unfortunately that changed when I became jobless and during the Winter month it was difficult to go out and do things.