Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 29, 2010

Today I'm thankful for simple, uncomplicated days.  The sun pulled out an appearance this morning, but it seemed to be playing hide and seek in all the clouds today.  A small glimpse here, and another there, but you really had to be waiting and watching for it.

I went to bed around 10:30 last night.  Completely wiped out.  Only to wake up at 3:15 a.m. and never really making it back to sleep before the alarm went off.  There is just too much information running around in my head right now.

Like my "Music in May" photo project.  I'm hoping to start on May first with the letter "A"; taking photos of anything music related that I can find starting with the letter "A".  I've already taken a few shots and will be trying to set up things as I go along, all throughout the month.  I'll also be sharing some tunes via facebook and youtube.  Above is a very small percentage of musicians and songs that I have been brainstorming for ideas.  This is going to be a VERY difficult challenge and I hope to make it interesting and fun.  Anyone is welcome to join in!  I'll be posting these music related photos on my "real" blog, over to your right.  If you want to join in, let me know, so I can check out your photos!

Today of all days, I couldn't get Eli to lay down for a nap.  (I could REALLY have used one, but I've found that if I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, I CAN work through the tiredness.  I may be a little grumpy from lack of sleep, but it quickly passes.  I'm lucky that way.)

I'm finally catching my second wind . . . and it's 10:30 p.m.  *sigh*  Maybe I'll get my sleep pattern lined back out this weekend.  It looks like I'll be up late tonight!

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  1. You're going to start an amazing theme and I can't wait to see what you come up with. I see you post some songs on Facebook and I watch some of them, I'll try to follow that too. Didn't know you had a YouTube account, mind to give the name?