Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21, 2010

Today I'm thankful for musical breaks.  I cleaned house and got everything back in order this morning, and then I took a little break.

Something about playing an instrument always seems to lift my spirits.

I took piano lessons for YEARS, and pounded on these keys until they were worn slick and cracked with stress.  They were a great escape for me when I was a teenager, and even still today.

Sometimes I get an almost unbearable urge to play a flute, a trombone or the drums again, but unfortunately the house isn't stocked with those particular instruments.  (I was a band freak, sports jockette, and a science and math nerd.  Pretty well rounded if I do say so myself. lol)

These days, when I sit down to play, I almost ALWAYS have little hands playing right beside me.  So the escape isn't what it used to be, but it's still a joyful thing.


  1. Wow! wish I could play something, anything. Love the sound of good music!

    Well, you're lucky those little hands are as curious as you are, used to be.

    Great sentimental captures.

  2. I so wish I knew how to play an instrument!

  3. Thanks M.!

    You're never too old to learn! ;)

  4. That's true, but not ready for that at this moment.. maybe when some of my problems are gone..

  5. ;) You've always got the radio! lol

  6. That's true and grateful we have the Internet too.

  7. I totally understand about the love of music. Those keys look so worn and loved. And the kiddos are old enough to start lessons, no?