Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1, 2010

Today I'm thankful for a good attitude, and the ability to say I'm sorry when I've inadvertently hurt someone's feelings by being honest.  I truly didn't mean to step on anyone's toes, but when they asked my opinion on a certain topic, I gave them my blunt, undiluted answer.  The way I see it . . . if you don't want to hear the truth, then don't ask my opinion.  You might not hear what you want to hear, and I'm not going to sugar coat things, or lie to you, just so you can justify your actions.

I woke up REALLY early today (somewhere around 4:00 a.m.) because Jewels had gotten out of her dog pen somehow and was chasing cats and kittens all over the deck and making a HUGE ruckus.   I had planned to sleep in until 6:00 this morning, but you know what they say about well laid plans and good intentions . . .

Since I was up so early, I went ahead and did my Pilates, and after Dave got back from his bike ride, I went for a run.  

After lunch, Dave and I dropped the kids off at my mom's for an hour, so we could run some errands in town and get our CCW renewed.  

After we picked the kids back up, I was hoping to get Eli to lay down and take a nap with me, but the phone and the doorbell kept vying for attention, so there was no nap this afternoon!

Bayleigh had another baseball game tonight, and this time I didn't have to help coach, so I had a chance to take a few photos. Her little buddy is coming over on Thursday for a play date, so I'm going to be heading off to bed a little early tonight, so I can get a jump on the housework tomorrow.  Lots to do, to get things back on schedule!


  1. I wish everyone would do that "tell you the truth when asked" instead of saying what I want to hear.

    Were the kids having some kind of eating competition ;). Great photos and I'm happy there are fewer photos to comment on today, because I'm having a very difficult time at this moment. Lots of paper work and money gathering for my dutch naturalization application.

  2. lol . . . the kids were trying to see who could drink their water the fastest. Everything seems to be a competition to them at this age. ;)

    Hope you get all that paperwork completed. And people say they want to save trees . . . lol.

  3. Thanks!

    Save trees, do you think they really care. All they care about is how to kill more people.