Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14, 2010

Today I'm thankful for the "letting go" process.

Sometimes . . . no matter how hard you try to be nice and remain on friendly terms, there are just certain people who can't handle the friendship and completely turn their backs on you.  It really hurts, when you think you will have a friendship that will last a lifetime, and then all of a sudden, for no reason I can fathom, they suddenly close the door on you.  I hope whatever I have inadvertantly done, can be forgiven, and I in turn have already forgiven all the hurt feelings involved.  I'm moving on now; the ties have been severed, and the bridge has been burned.  There will be no going back. 

Today I got back on schedule with my early morning Pilates, seven billion loads of laundry, and house cleaning.  Monday I wash all the bedding, and today I even crammed in a few extra loads of regular laundry.  It's all been folded and put away, so laundry is caught up for at least the next five minutes. 

I also detail cleaned the kitchen, and washed the walls and floor in the breakfast nook area.

This little area seems to get cluttered up pretty fast, as Dave comes in from work and tosses his stuff on any available flat surface.  (I've REALLY got to break him of this! lol)

Eli skipped his nap today and he's been pretty difficult all afternoon, so I'm shutting things down early and getting him to bed ASAP!  I'm hoping he sleeps through the night tonight and wakes up with a better disposition!


  1. Kyla - I love the first shot of that beautiful flower - what is it?
    And I think in the long run, you are better off without the person who has turned their back on you.

  2. I hope you're doing OK, Kyla. The flower shot looks really good. I found this "significance" of white flowers on the web:

    White signifies purity and perfection and can represent a successful beginning. It is no accident that virgins and brides wear white. White symbolizes wholeness, openness, truth and kindness.

  3. Shirley . . . believe it or not, it's one of the blooms off of my yucca plant. lol I hadn't really looked all that closely at the blooms before, but they're really quite lovely!

    I think you're right about that relationship, too, Shirley. Toxic friendships are not pleasant. ;)

    Joel ~ I'm doing fine. There will be some heartache for a while, but after being used so harshly, it shouldn't take me long to get over it. ;)

    Thank you for the kind comments on the flowers, and the information on the significance of the color "white". You've got me to thinking here. Wouldn't it be fun to do a colored theme each week? Hmmmm . . . I may have to add that to my "photos to take" list. Thanks again!