Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15, 2010

Today I'm thankful for a morning away with just my mom.  Back before I got married and had children, my mom and I were inseparable.  We hit every flea market and antique store we could find, and had a blast just spending time together.

Since the kids have come along, there is a lot less one on one time with my mom, but luckily Dave was off today and mom wanted to do some shopping for Bayleigh's upcoming birthday.  So off we headed . . .

I love Warsaw's vintage charm.  The old buildings off the waterfront, which are still used by various businesses; the antique architecture; and all the DETAIL that was lovingly put into each brick and stone.

I'm also one of those people who can find some form of amusement, anywhere I go.  Today it was the above photo.  The "Dam Taxi Service", which happened to be pulling some sort of car dolly.  I followed it all the way to the gas station.

While I was fueling up, I noticed that the gas station I'd pulled into had some sort of greeter/loiterer (for lack of a better term).  The "kid" was standing outside smoking a cigarette, with a black stocking cap on (it was like 90 degrees out today), a t-shirt, and a pair of long shorts that were about 5 sizes too big for him (he had to keep at least one hand in his pocket at all times just to hold his pants up).  I watched him help a woman load some groceries in her car, and then he came out to chat with someone at the next gas pump (whom I'm assuming he knew, since they both must have used the same tailor to suit them up).  Mom and I couldn't help but laugh as both guys walked back across the parking lot to enter the store, while holding their pants up.  I mean COME ON guys . . . is it really all that comfortable to have to stand around holding up your pants, just because it happens to be some trend in fashion?  I'm glad I'm an old fogie and don't care a whit for fashion trends. 

After hitting Wal-Mart, Dollar Junction, Dollar General and the gas station, mom and I had just enough time left to hit one of the local antique stores.  We zipped through in record time, and STILL managed to snag some goodies on the way through.  (I got Bayleigh a croquet set for her birthday.  I think it's something we can all enjoy!)

When I dropped mom off, she asked me to take a picture of the violet her friend Claudia had given her.  It's absolutely gorgeous!  Don't you think?

She also wanted me to take a picture of her "Missouri Primrose".  It wasn't fully open when I drove by, but I did manage to snap a photo.  I'll have to go back over sometime soon, when it's opened back up.

Dave disked and raked the yard some more, while the neighbors enjoyed entertaining (or being entertained) by the kids.  Then it was off to the baseball game.  Bayleigh has improved so much this season and I'm glad to see she's having so much fun with it.

I'm also glad to see good sportsmanship being shown at such a young age.  These kids have a lot of years before them, and I hope they continue to show good manners and protocol, as they progress through school.

Oh!  I almost forgot.  I splurged on myself at the dollar store and bought a pair of fly swatters for a dollar.  (Tis the season!)  Aren't they cute?!  I almost hate to use them!  lol

*I have to put this down in writing, so I can be accountable to myself. ~ Note:  Up early to do Pilates and ran 2 miles in under 20 minutes.  Starting a new exercise schedule.  Pilates:  Monday-Friday, Running Tuesday and Thursday.  Will add Jillian Michael's back in in July:  Monday through Friday and run Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Will dump Jillian in August and run Monday through Friday. ~ That's the plan.  Please hold me accountable by asking me if I've done my exercise for the day. *


  1. Its nice to know that you still make time for your mom. That's a unique relationship and should be well taken cared of.

    The dam taxi made me laugh (very unique).

    Happy to see the kids have fun while sporting, most kids spend their time watching TV or playing games these day. Keep it up!


  2. I hate those "baggy pants" too! It's not just the impracticality that I find annoying but it looks simply horrible.

    Love your flower shots though. They've turned out really well.

  3. lol . . . yes M. I did my exercise. Thanks for asking! ;)

    Joel ~ I'm in total agreement with you. If people are wanting to show off their underwear (or lack thereof), they need to find a more fashionable way to do it. lol

    Thanks for the kind comments!