Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 10, 2010

Today I'm thankful for chewing gum.  Bayleigh has been helping do chores around the house in exchange for chewing gum.  I'm thinking it's a pretty sweet trade off.

It was overcast most of the day, but on the way to Bayleigh's baseball game, the sun broke through the clouds for a little while.

Today was supposed to be their last game of the season, but due to the rainouts, we have two make up games next week.  They still handed out the trophies and supplied the kids with treats this evening, though.  Eli munched on his chips during the game.

This kids were all full of antics this evening and I have several cute photos to edit tomorrow.  (I just snagged a few out of the batch for today's post.)

On the way home I asked Dave to stop so I could take a few pictures of these cone flowers.  I've been meaning to stop and do this for quite some time, but time hasn't permitted me to.  I would still like to make another trip back for some close ups . . .

We made it home as the sun was going down. 

I managed to get the living room cleaned up today, along with keeping up with dishes and laundry, so I'm considering it a good day indeed.  Staying caught up with laundry and dishes seems to be the biggest task of the summer. 


  1. Sounds like you had a very busy and successful day. :-) Love your photo of the cone flowers.

  2. Sorry, not been here for 2 days. I'm not in my best mood at this moment. Going through a lot of financial situation at this moment.

    Happy to see you're still having lots of fun. Kids are happy, sun is shining and the photos are amazing.

    Have a nice day my dear!

  3. Thank you both for the kind comments!

    M.~ Sorry you are having such a difficult time. I think we all are struggling with finances right now. Money is a constant worry, unless you're independently wealthy I guess. We do what we have to to survive. I'll continue to keep you and your loved ones in my prayers.

    Keep your head up. ;)

  4. Thanks, prayers is all I need, because I'm sure I'll overcome my problems ;)