Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 26, 2010

Today I'm thankful for healthy kids.  Although at times I get irritated with all their whining and bickering, I do realize how very blessed I am to have them both.  Happy, healthy, rambuncious and rowdy.

The past few months I haven't taken very many photos of the kids.  Mainly due to the fact that I get the above response to any camera pointed in their general direction.  It's really quite frustrating.

So I've relegated myself to shots like the one above.  Zooming in close enough, so as not to capture the offending tongue.  I'm hoping this stage passes quickly.

Dave has been teaching Bayleigh to hit golf balls; since we've got such a nice level dirt area out in the back yard at the moment.  She's getting pretty good, and I dare say she could probably beat me.  It's been YEARS since I picked up a club.  I think the last time was when I was about 6 months pregnant with Bayleigh.  WOW!  I'd hate to see what my swing looks like now.

The DirectTV guy installed the new satellite today.  We dumped Dish after they told us it would cost $100 for them to come and put the dish back up after we had the house re-roofed . . . and I also downgraded our landline service.  We're now saving about $30.00 per month . . . at least for the first 10 months of our contract with the new cable company.  So . . . the kids are happy (they have more channels to watch), we're happy (because we're saving some money) and life is good. 

I'm hoping to stash the money we're saving, back for a new pair of running shoes.  I may just have to wear the ones I've got until they fall apart, though.  I always hate spending money on clothes and such, when it could be used for so many more important things (like a new lens for my camera!  lol).  Aw well . . . such is life!


  1. So, Eli decided to stick his tongue out to the camera once again ;). Looks really cute when he does that, so, don't be frustrated, because there'll come a time when you wish he still does that ;)

    Looks like Bayleigh is a real sports girl. Its good to see that she loves doing different kinds of sport. Good for her, because eventually, she'll choose the one she likes the most and sports is very good for her. Good thing from you guys to let her try lots of different things.

    More channels for lesser cost is always the right thing to do, just pay attention and read the small letters.

    With 30 euros saving, you'll surely get a very good pair of running shoes and I'm certainly sure you deserve it.

  2. At least your kiddos are still looking at the camera. I often get the "hands up to the face" when I point the camera in their direction. And I love that shot of his eyes - very nice!

    You should really make sure your running shoes are in good condition. It doesn't take much to bring on an injury and many times, the shoes are the culprit. 500 miles is the recommended usage before getting new shoes....

  3. Thanks to you both for the comments! And Shirley . . . I had no idea there was a mileage limit on running shoes. I had just heard something about getting a new pair every 6 months. I'll have to pay closer attention! I bought new insoles for my running shoes and it's given them a new life . . . so I'm hoping they will last me a few more miles. ;)