Friday, June 18, 2010

June 18, 2010

Today I'm thankful for the tastes and signs of Summer. 

Although I don't like the heat and humidity, there are certain benefits.  Like "Bomb Pops" . . .

and vegetables ripening on the vine.

My mom came over and swiped the kids late this afternoon, so I headed outside to water the garden and do the chores.

I thought since I hadn't taken many pictures today, that I'd better snap a few before the sun went down on me.

Most of the morning, I was "holed up" in my retreat paying bills, balancing the checkbook and filing receipts and paperwork.  It was a very productive morning, in a non-productive type of way.  While I worked upstairs the kids worked downstairs picking up all their movies and toys, so they could go visit grandma later in the day.  Grandma is a good form of motivation for them.  lol

I also managed a few loads of laundry and got all the birthday dishes caught up.  My hands will be wrinkled for a few days after all that dish washing.

I'm hoping to make it to bed again early tonight.  Getting back on schedule is harder than I anticipated.

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  1. Cool shots!

    What kind of vegetables do you have in your farm or garden?

    Today, I like the composition of the photos the most.. Well done!