Friday, June 18, 2010

June 17, 2010

Today I'm thankful for the resilience of children.  When they are disappointed or hurt because someone isn't able to make it to their birthday party; they accept it with very little questioning as to the reason why.  Which is a good thing in this instance, because I don't really have an answer as to the reason why; other than a parent trying to manipulate a situation in order to spite others, no matter how badly it would hurt each of the children.  

On a lighter note, I did my best to make it up to my sweet little birthday girl!  Strawberry pancakes with French Vanilla Cool Whip on top for breakfast . . . 

she got to help make her "kitty cat" birthday cake, and lick the beater . . .

I set her up on Dave's laptop to play some word games in the afternoon . . .

and then it was off to the last baseball game of the season!

She did a great job and hit her first ball when she came up to bat.  I think she will have one more year with the pitching machine, before they move on to someone actually pitching the ball to them.  The progress she's made this year has been phenomenal.

After the ball game, we headed straight home to start fixing the birthday meal.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, pasta salad, chips and dip and of course cake!  We also had fresh peaches and strawberries that were yummy! 

When we brought out the cake and told her to make a wish, it was several seconds before she finally blew out the candles.  It makes me wonder what she was really wishing for.  I hope whatever it was, that it comes true.

I thought it was great that she read each and every card . . .

and she was excited over each item (except the socks and underwear that grandma had gotten her . . . which she was a little embarrassed over). 

It was nice that the neighbors came by to have cake with us, too.  Attending this year's party were:  Dave, me, Eli, Grandma and Grandpa Pitts, and Skip and Colette.

It was after 11:00 p.m. before we finally wrapped up the party and got the kids off to bed.  Exhausting, but well worth it!

Happy 7th Birthday Bayleigh Grace!

*Note:  I got up early this morning to get in my Pilates and my morning run before Dave left for work.  I shaved a few minutes off of my 2 mile run.  I brought my Mac downstairs and into the breakfast nook, and worked on my next Classroom in a Book Lesson, while I made pancakes and baked the birthday cake.  If I weren't married already . . . I'd marry my Mac.  lol *

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  1. Happy 7th birthday Bayleigh, wish you many many more birthdays to come.

    I love pancake!!!

    Great photos too and a lovely memory for the future ;)