Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25, 2010

Today I'm thankful for good friends, good food and good times.  I spent most of my morning cleaning on the house.  Then Ryan and Chance dropped by with the treadmill.  Ryan was nice enough to take the heavy end, while Chance and I carried the lighter end.  I really appreciate all the trouble they went to to deliver it.  (Any time you all want squash or garden goodies, come on down!)

And this evening, I was invited over to my friend Nancy's, for some food and adult conversation.  This carrot cake was absolutely SINFUL.  (It'll take me awhile to run this one off!)

And we all had a wonderful time.  Some were old friends and some were new aquaintences.

It was just nice getting out of the house and visiting, without having to worry about the kids getting into things.

On the way home, I stopped by a field and took a few photos of a Mimosa tree.

They're really pretty and after we get the kid's play area set up, I may see if I can find one to plant close by.

As I was heading over to my mom's I stopped to get a picture of the full moon.  It's just gorgeous tonight.  I'm hoping it won't keep me awake all night. 

After I picked up the kids, and Dave got home, I drove back over to mom's to drop off the Jeep for her to drive in the morning.  She's got to work in the kitchen at school. 

I walked back home in the "dark", but the moon was shining so brightly, that I actually cast a shadow on the ground.  It was a nice, peaceful walk home.

(*Thanks for inviting me over Nancy!  I had a wonderful time!)

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  1. So, you got yourself a treadmill? Well now its time to make use of it.

    Don't be hard on yourself because of the carrot cake, after all that work, you need some energy giving cake and the carrot won't do no harm.

    Love the last shot, works for me like yoga "peaceful".