Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29, 2010

Today I'm thankful for flexibility and taking in life to it's fullest.

I woke up, did my Pilates and ran 2.0 miles in 25:51 minutes on the treadmill, then tacked on another half mile at a slower jog. 

Bayleigh, for some reason, had it in her head that she wanted to go golfing at a real golf course . . .

so I dusted off my bag, and we all headed out right after lunch.

Bayleigh is really doing a good job;

when she actually listens to instructions and does what she's told.

And Eli was my official "ball washer".  He had lots of fun cleaning everyone's golf balls, and "helping" drive the cart.  (The boy has a lead foot . . . we're going to have to work with him a bit.  lol)

We played 9 holes and then headed back to the clubhouse for a treat before we left.

And after we got home and rested for a few moments, Dave brought out a new treat he wanted to test out.  He stuck some yogurt in the freezer with spoons sitting straight up from the top.  They froze into yogurt pops and the kids really enjoyed them.  (They didn't drip nearly as much as the kool-aid pops.)

Then we headed to the neighbors to help her fix her garage door, and on the way back . . .

we stopped at mom's house and I took a picture of one of her roses and I caught her working in the garden.  (*Don't tell her I took a picture of her hoeing . . . she'll shoot me!)

It's been a long day of fun!  I wish it would have lasted longer, but we'll have to save some fun for another day.  We can't use it all up at once!

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