Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12, 2010

Today I'm thankful for inspiration and encouragement from across the globe!  (THANK YOU LEE, MICKI, REBECCA, JENNIFER, BETTY, and anyone else I've inadvertently forgotten to name.)

After my dear friend Lee posted that she'd purged 2,000 photos from her iPhoto program, it spurred me into action.  I'm one of those strange people that crave stability and what is known to me, and something in me rebels when the norm changes or I have to learn something new.  On the other hand, I also like a good challenge, especially something techno that I can sink my teeth into.  That's where my Mac comes into play.  I'm a completely new Mac user (as of the end of April), and I'm learning mostly by trial and error. 

I have to admit that PSE8 and Adobe Bridge CS4 are giving me a headache.  Thank goodness for PSE's Classroom in a Book!  Being a new Mac user, I probably didn't make huge strides today, but I DID manage to get through the intro of the book and am well on my way through the first section.

I think I've decided to start start fresh on the first of July, with transferring photos to my Mac, for organization and editing.  That should give me plenty of time to "practise" with the lesson plans from the book, before I dive in with both feet.  As for my old photos; they will be sorted, purged and edited on my old PC, using PSE7.  Once I'm done with those, I'll save the edited versions to an online back up source (such as Shutterfly), and also to my external drive(s).  I'll be starting with my oldest digital photos first, as they will be easier to purge and edit.  (I didn't know a lot about taking good photos back then, so I'm sure there are some really, really bad ones.  lol)

In the midst of learning how to use my PSE8 and Adobe Bridge CS4, I moved all of my photos from my PC onto my external hard drive . . .

and as I was waiting for my files to be moved, I heard it thunder, so I went out to watch the rains move in.

I made it outside just in time to physically SEE the rain moving toward me.  It came down in sheets, but only lasted for a short while.  We were really needing some rain.  A little more would have been nice, but we'll take what we can get!

Bayleigh helped me pick up this morning, and Jess came over with the kids to pick up the remaining three kittens.  (YAY!)  She had initially asked me for two, but since she has three boys, she asked if she could take the third one, too.  BLESS YOU JESSICA!  This leaves us with one mommy cat, two tom cats, and the two little fuzzy kittens that Bayleigh wanted to keep.  I'm thinking a trip to the vet with all the females will be in order here before too long . . . we'll see.

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  1. You're full of surprises and I'm amazed by your energy. Can't believe how much strength and enthusiasm you have to keep up with your daily life and with the technology going on around us.

    I had to sort my photos a couple of months ago and it took me 2 months to finish sorting them and only to learn last month that I could have sorted them in 5 mins using Lightroom. All I had to do is import them and configure light room to put the imported files in folder according to the date taken. Anyways, I've learn't something.

    I'm sure you will find your way out and that you'll learn a lot in your Mac adventure.. Wish you all the best.