Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 26, 2010

Today I'm thankful for acts of nature.

I had to do a lot of hurrying this morning, so I could get everyone where they needed to be, on time.  Laundry, dishes . . . and my 30 minute run were squeezed in first.  And then it was off to my mom's appointment.  She had to go back in for a redo - on her yearly mammogram.  Just down the road from our house there has been a momma deer with twins.  I never seem to have the right lens on me, but today, when I saw them, I turned the Jeep around and went back for a few shots anyhow.  The two little ones are standing right at the tree line, and they're just adorable.

After we got done with mom's appointment, we went to visit Dave at the Urgent Care Clinic (where the Jeep over-heated a bit); and then we headed off to swimming lessons (which got rained out).  It looks like we'll be coming back on Friday for a make-up day. 

After we got back home and had supper, we all went outside to pick up some rocks in the front yard.  As we were working away . . . the B2 flew over.  (I didn't have my zoom lens on this time either.)

We picked up rocks until the sun started going down, and then we picked some tomatoes from the garden for a little snack.

They were really yummy!  I just wish there were some way to eat as many as the vine is producing!  I guess the birds and wildlife will get their fair share, too.

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