Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 29, 2010

Today, I'm thankful that I got a load of laundry and my run in, before Dave decided that I needed to go trout fishing with him and the kids.

Mom called right after I threw in the first load of laundry; wondering if I could come over and take some pictures of her flowers.  So I ran over and got several nice shots.  This little butterfly seemed to want it's picture taken too . . . so I obliged.

As soon as I got back home, we all had breakfast, and I jumped on the treadmill for a 20 minute random interval training, then ran a mile in 9 minutes and 45 seconds.  I shaved 15 seconds off of my 10 minute mile!  I'm starting to see where interval training is beneficial . . . I just HATE slowing down, once I get up to speed.  All that stopping and starting wears me out.

After my run, I got everything packed up for swimming lessons later in the afternoon; got everyone showered and dressed to go fishing; and loaded up the Jeep with snacks and fishing gear.

Bayleigh really had a good time.

Eli got bored after about 2 minutes.  So I casted and reeled for him, while he looked for bugs and splashed in the water at my feet.

I finally gave up on the trout, so I could take Eli exploring.  (Doesn't he look enthusiastic about the whole process?!)

He was fascinated by the guy mowing the grass (just because he was riding on a tractor) . . . but even more so with the spider he found in the pavilion.

We'd just went back down to the river, when it started raining.  So we came back to the pavilion and had a picnic lunch, while we watched it rain.

We all had to have little permits pinned to us, and as soon as we were finished fishing, that was the FIRST thing Eli wanted taken off.

And I'm sad to say that he's going through the above phase, of "NO MORE PICTURES, MOM!".

But I still managed to sneak a few.

I walked around taking some random photos of all the friendly fishermen/fisherwomen;

while Dave took the kids to see the baby trout.

It's always so pretty here.

And it was even prettier with the steam coming off the water after the rains.

We headed straight for swimming lessons after we left, and we managed to make it almost all the way through before it started to thunder.

If I can just make it through one more day of appointments and swimming lessons, a benefit shoot, and Sunday School class; next week's load is starting to look a little lighter.  Will all the running ever end?!


  1. Make sure you have a good pair of running shoes!! ;) Beautiful photos! Wish there were places like this around here in Mobile!! Love the one of him putting his hand saying no more photos Momma! ADORABLE!

  2. Love the butterfly pic..sooo beautiful!!!

  3. My parents live in Bennett, small world! Gorgeous photos, glad you came by my blog :o) It's nice to hear from people from Missouri doing the same things that I love.