Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 8, 2010

Today I'm thankful to just be home and still have some vestige of sanity left.

I took the kids to the dentist today and they were both HEATHENS.  I'm wondering if it's just bad parenting on my part . . . or do all parents have "moments" when they would like to just vanish into thin air, to avoid being embarrassed by the actions of their children.  I'm thinking when they get a little older, PAYBACKS are going to be one of the highlights of my life.

My mom went with me (thankfully), and she has absolutely NO idea why they go from being normal children at home, to little terrors when we are out and about.  The above little terror is my main reason for stopping at having two children.  I don't think I could possibly handle another one like him.

Mom and I decided to do a little goofing around while we were in the "big city", so we headed off to window shop, and hit some flea markets.  I ended up with a huge bag full of books for $10.  So I'll be busy reading for the next couple of weeks.

And I also picked up this matching set of notebooks/binders at the dollar store.  (I have a "thing" for notebooks and pens and such.)  I can't wait to start using them.  They will come in handy for Cathy Z.'s Me:  The Abridged Version class, that I just signed up for today.

I'm in the midst of fixing supper, but I'm hoping to get a 2 mile run in, so I'd better get to it!  Oh!  And I found out why my knees hurt when I run.  My hamstrings are wimpy.  My hubby, "Dr. Dave", checked them last night and told me to take 800 mg of Ibuprofen at breakfast, lunch and dinner for five days; use ice packs and start doing stretches.  NO RUNNING FOR TWO WEEKS.  Ummmmm . . . sorry.  I MUST run.  I'll just start adding 20 minutes of stretch time to my pre-run routine.  After I've got my 50 miles in for July, I'll take a few weeks off to do things in their proper order, so I don't end up hurting myself.  Maybe NOW would be a good time to take up YOGA in the a.m.

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