Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10, 2009

My energy is waning. Getting 4 hours of sleep each night isn't conductive to productivity. It's been going on over a month now and Bayleigh still can't seem to sleep through the night without waking up and being scared. I've talked, and talked and talked to her, but can't seem to find out what the underlying problem is. I'm hoping this is just a short stage she's going through and that it will end soon.

I did manage to clean up a good portion of my last pile in the living room, while Eli played with my decorative scissors. He made me a "peacock", which I thought was very inventive.

Dave got home a little early from clinicals and took both kids out to the woods with him to hang deer stands. While they were gone, I finished uploading photos for my pre-class assignment, in Elisha Snow's photography class at BPS, and I dusted Eli's headboard and bookshelf. At least I'm making a little forward progress, even if it's not at the speed I would like.

Supper was a quick and easy spaghetti and meatballs, and I'm bushed! Hoping to get the kids to bed a little early tonight. And I apologize if this post is a little incoherent. Lack of sleep seems to do that to me.

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