Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 7, 2009

The sunrise was particularly stunning this morning. Probably because I could actually SEE out of my newly cleaned windows.

And that disaster area of a room that I (ashamedly) posted yesterday . . . I'm happy to say that I waded through the majority of the mess.

I ended up having company come over (for two hours) right in the middle of my cleaning spree, and didn't get the little area next to the piano finished up, but it shouldn't take me more than an hour. I may just finish it up tomorrow afternoon.

There are so many little unfinished items being put down on my growing "to be completed" list, but I know they will have to wait until next Summer when Dave gets out of school . . . SOME DAY, this home remodel will be complete. And then I'll have to repaint or re-carpet. *sigh* It's never ending.

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