Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 5, 2009

I spent my morning finishing off the monstrosity. I scrubbed it within an inch of it's life, and added a few more things to my list to be completed. Like repairing the two bottom doors that the kids have managed to break off . . .

We had basketball practise again for the third afternoon in a row . . .

and (to me at least) it's amazing how good these little first graders are. WOW! Lay ups, three on three . . . things that I didn't learn until 8th grade. Boy how times (and educational priorities) have changed.

Today was the last official day of basketball camp, so between now and tournament time, we've got a few skills to hone up on. Go Team!

After I got home with the kids, we found that dad's cows were out and we ended up doing a little cattle rustling, and then it was straight home for burritos. This time change is really putting a cramp in my afternoon routines.

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