Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 18, 2009

Dave had clinicals today, so I was on my own. In an effort to focus on "giving" this holiday season, I sent Bayleigh off to school with some canned goods for their school food drive.

Then Eli and I rushed around to get ready for his three year check up at the pediatricians. I decided to stop by the school and pick Bayleigh up, since she needed a check up too . . . so I took off in the rainy weather for a day of running.

The kids managed to embarrass the crud out of me at the pediatrician's office, and I had to have broken the land speed record, racing through Wal-Mart picking up groceries. I didn't want to risk getting arrested for my children's bad behavior. After we made it out of the grocery store, and headed back home, I decided to stop and take a few photos . . . even if it WAS raining. (Sometimes a mom just needs a moment or two to get her wits back.)

I thought this cornfield looked inviting . . .

and I liked the character shown in this gate latch. I'm beginning to think I might not mind being locked up for a while myself.

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