Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 11, 2009

Had to make a trip into town this morning to pay a bill, so I thought I'd just load up a few of the things I've been bagging up to get rid of, as I do my Fall cleaning. NINE bags later, and Eli and I were ready to go! We paid bills, and ran to the local women's shelter to drop off all these little goodie bags.

I'm sad to say that these bags mostly contained toys. I think that really reflects badly on how much we spoil our kids. (*Note to self: Get more practical things for the kids. Like shelving and storage for what they DO have. Not buy more junk for them to pile around all over the place, and for me to have to pick up.)

I spent a little time outside with my camera, while Eli took a nap this afternoon. (I probably should have taken a nap too, but the sunlight was calling . . .)

Our garden is hanging on to the bitter end.

Some things are still producing blooms! And it's the middle of November!

I even scrounged around and found a few more grape tomatoes. These little things are super tasty and remind me of the warm, lazy, days of summer.

The past few days have been a little cooler, so I've made sure that I keep wood in the stove for the chilly evenings. I really love our outside wood stove. I just wish hubby was around to fill it. Some of the logs he cuts up for it, take two men and a small boy to load into the stove . . . and I don't believe I qualify on either count.
Still running on low fuel, but managed to finish sorting and putting away Eli's toys. I've just resigned myself to the fact that I'm not going to finish my Fall cleaning per my initial schedule, but it will still get done. One little step at a time. I believe I'm going to start penciling in a daily nap, if this sleeping disruption keeps up at night.

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